How To Feel Awesome About Being You

How do you feel about yourself and what are 5 things you can do to feel awesome about being you? In this episode of RocketKids, Vivian explains Self-Esteem and how we can gain more of it.

How can you feel awesome about being you? Try these five simple things:

5) Try Your Best. You can feel great about yourself, when you know you tried your best.

4) Pitch In. Every body needs a little help and helps us realize that we can make a difference.

3) Turn That “I Can’t” Into “I Can”. Build your confidence by believing you can do something and then going to do it.

2) Practice. Practice. Practice. Schedule time to get better at something you love. It takes time, but it can’t happen without practice

1) Make A List of things you are good at. Get friends and family to help. When we see and hear what we are good at, our self-esteem is sure to rise.

Try some of these on your own. We like the list. It’s fun and encouraging.

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