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character education + growth mindset + life-skill learning
RocketKids delivers relevant and engaging SEL video lessons and supplemental resources, providing our young people with the knowledge that supports a life-long impact on living a meaningful and rewarding life, creating positive outcomes, and being our best self.

With character education, growth mindset, and life-skill learning as our core, we are a leader in delivering original SEL content to supplement lessons in the classroom and at home.

Learn it. Practice it. Live it.

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Awesome Videos For Kids, By Kids!

With more than 6 million views, our tips, lists, and lessons have reached millions more little ones, all over the world.  Our videos are compact, meaningful, relevant, and aimed at providing young people with the knowledge to achieve their goals, be an example, exhibit kindness, understand themselves more fully, and become more aware of the world around them. Share the knowledge!

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Find all of our videos and resources in this document, with easy to access links. No email needed. No bull. Just a document. (link via dropbox)

Worksheets + Lessons

Put Your Learners Into Action
Put our video lessons into practice, with comprehensive and engaging worksheets for our most popular videos. We currently use the TpT platform to deliver our individual worksheets.

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With the launch of our exclusive All-Access platform, we bring our RocketKids videos and worksheets (ad-free + editable), together with so much more, in an easy-to-use solution for your SEL lessons.

2 Minute MindSet

bite-sized reminders of what it takes to be our best self and make a positive impact

Our 2 Minute Mindset is the place for bite-sized reminders of what it takes to be our best self and a chance to reset our mindset. In the classroom or on the go, these compact, relevant, and doable tips, lists, and lessons are changing the way we learn those important life-skills, in short, concise, and impactful tips that keep us on the right path.

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Coaching Up Our Little Ones

Our content is not associated with any curriculum, although we often categorize our videos by the popular CASEL framework. Our goal is to supplement SEL lessons in the classroom and at home, with the best original content and resources.

We have kids of our own and searched for relevant SEL type videos we could learn from together. Most was boring and outdated. Knowing the importance of character, mindset, and life-skill learning, we created RocketKids. As content creators and parents, we wanted to provide fun, memorable, positive, and valuable content and resources. So, we did just that. 

Valued Users Of Our Content

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Awesome Words From Awesome People

My mom and I have had some difficulties. These videos gave me ideas for things I can do better. Thank you so much for making them.



My class think these videos are great and love they are done by kids and they are for kids. The worksheets are fun and a great supplement to the YouTube videos – inspiring, helpful, and doable.

Karen W.


Great videos with an awesome message – not just for kids – but for those who work with them as well. We will continue to incorporate into our lesson plans. Thank you so much!

Tamra M.


I just discovered your channel and absolutely love this content. We look forward to more lessons. Keep them coming, please.

Stacey C.


I really liked how this resourcenwalked through gratitude and different ways for the students to practice it! I actually broke this into two different lessons since there were so many activities that were included.

Courtney C.

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