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Our original RocketKids content and so much more, in one easy-to-use solution to supplement your SEL lessons.
Monthly Content Uploads.
  • RocketKids Videos (ad-free)
  • RocketKids Worksheets  (editable)
  • Searchable categories based on CASEL framework
  • Repository of the best SEL content on the internet
  • Growing library of original + curated content
  • Community message board to stay connected
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What Is RocketKidsConnect?
Our videos have more than 5 million views and our worksheets help supplement SEL lessons in classrooms and the home. But, now it's all in one place. An easy to use solution with amazing content, useful resources, incredible perks, and a continually growing library of lessons and resources.

All of our original and growing library of RocketKids video lessons, delivered ad-free and in a robust media player.

Supplementing your RocketKids video lessons with our editable worksheets, is a great way to engage your learners.

Enjoy a searchable repository of the best SEL videos and resources from around the internet.

The Connect message board brings together members to request lessons, ask questions, share knowledge, and gain valuable insights.

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Get the latest news, updates, goodies, and happenings!
Your support helps us create our original content